Benefits of Fasting Diet for Weight Loss

Fasting diet is a term for applying diet by regulating the cycle between the fasting period and mealtime. This fasting diet does not emphasize what foods you eat, but rather emphasizes the time or when you eat. In Indonesia, fasting is closely related to religious rituals. But actually fasting is also known as one of the recommended eating patterns in the world of health. Fasting (intermittent fasting) has many benefits, such as losing weight, improving body health and becoming part of a healthy lifestyle. Guide to Undergo Fasting Diet Following a fasting diet has many different versions. The practice of fasting in general is that on a certain day it must drastically reduce calories. Fasting diets have several different methods. Here are some of the most popular fasting diet methods: 5: 2 diet method This method you can run by choosing 5 normal meals a week, while in the other 2 days you only eat 500-600 calories. It is not recommended to choose 2 days in a row to limit fo
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